Mindful Matcha Green Tea Powder plus Superfoods, 2.65 Oz.

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Product: Mindful Matcha Green Tea Powder with Superfoods
Brand: Further Food
Type: Unknown
Size: 2.65 Oz.
Organic: Yes
Matcha Origin: Japan

Rating: not yet rated

Please note: This is a matcha blend. This product contains other ingredients.

If you like matcha for the health benefits, then you might love this blend with added organic Ashwagandha & Cordyceps Mushrooms, wheatgrass and ginger. Although they describe their matcha as premium from Japan, they are not explicit on whether it is culinary or ceremonial grade. They recommend using this product to make lattes, hot or iced tea, or as a baking ingredient.

If you already love matcha, this product could be great for making other matcha drinks and edibles.


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